Countering Spyware Attacks Against Merijn Utilities

All information on this page is from the web site, which provides excellent tools for dealing with some of the most virulent forms of spyware:

Merijin has taken a leading role in countering Cool Web Search, and the (unknown) authors of Cool Web Search have responded in kind by adding attacks on his utilities into their spyware. This page provides some counters against such CWS attacks on Merijn utilities.

CWShredder will not start. This generally means you have a version of Cool Web Search that is blocking CWShredder. Download the following CoolWWWSearch.SmartKiller tool from PepiMK (the creator of Spybot S&D and FileAlyzer), run it first, then try running CWShredder again:

Unable to download HijackThis. If trying to download HijackThis fails or does something bizarre like taking you to a porn site, try using the following hard (numeric) download address:

You get a missing MSVBVM60.DLL error when using a Merijn utility. This means your system is missing all part of its (usually standard) Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime library. You can download and reinstall this library directly fromMicrosoft by using this link: