Since several of the tools used in this kit are full-function demos or have other restrictions, you will need to make some long-term choices before they expire.

Your most important decision is which spyware checker to use to provide long-term active guards. I do not recommend operating without such guards, or without the (free) Sygate firewall.

If low cost is your only criterion, then Spybot Search & Destroy with its excellent functionality and good guards is hard to beat. I would still recommend that you consider donating to its creators, since this helps them in their long terms support of the tool.

If asked which tool I would recommend buying if you can only afford one, GIANT AntiSpyware is my hands down recommendation. It is easy to use, has good guards, provides a number of excellent advanced tools, and consistently comes out on top in terms of detecting the hardest of the hardcore spyware.

My second purchase recommendation would probably be Sygate, although in this case the free functionality is strong enough to protect most users. For serious security at a reasonable price, however, the full version of Sygate is hard to beat.